Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Prices for Food Were Controlled by Government During World War I, What It Cost Nov. 16, 1918

From the Polk County News and the Tryon Bee, Nov. 16, 1918. With rationing and price controls in place, it is interesting to see what food cost in North Carolina.

Fair Price List for the Week

The following fair price list has been announced through the office of County Food Administrator F.P. Bacon:

Flour, per 12-pound bag, 83 cents
Corn meal, per pound, 6 cents

Victory Bread, per 16-oz. loaf, 10 cents
Oatmeal or rolled oats, per pound, 15 cents

Rice, per pound, 15 cents
Hominy or grits, per pound, 8 1/3 cents

Sugar, per pound, 11 ¼ cents
Beans, white, per pound, 20 cents

Potatoes, Irish, per peck, 50 cents
Raisins, seeded, per pound, 20 cents

Prunes, per pound, 20 cents
Onions, per pound, 5 cents

Tomatoes, No. 2 can, 15 cents
Corn, No. 2 can, 20 cents

Peas, No. 2 can, 20 cents
Salmon, pink, can, 25 cents

Evaporated Milk, 6 ounce can, 7 ½ cents
Evaporated Milk, 16 ounce can, 15 cents

Eggs, per dozen, 50 cents
Cheese, per pound, 45 cents

Lard, pure leaf, bulk, per pound, 35 cents
Lard substitute, bulk, pound, 30 cents

Lard substitute in tin, pound, 31 ¼ cents
Bacon, breakfast, per pound, 58 cents

Pork chops, per pound, 40 cents
Ham, smoked, per pound, 50 cents

Round steak pound, 35 cents
Sweet potatoes, pk, 50 cents

Cabbage, per pound, 5 cents
Fat back, per pound, 30 cents

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