Saturday, February 16, 2019

N.C. Contributed 73,003 Soldiers; Texas, 161,065; New York, 367,864, Feb. 16, 1919

From the Richmond Times-Dispatch, Sunday, Feb. 16, 1919

By the Associated Press

The States of the South furnished the following numbers of soldiers as of November 11, 1917:

Texas, 161,065

Georgia, 85,506

Oklahoma, 80,169

Tennessee, 75,878

Kentucky, 75,043

Alabama, 74,678

Virginia, 73,062

North Carolina, 73,003

Louisiana, 65,988

Arkansas, 61,027

Mississippi, 54,295

South Carolina, 13,482

Florida, 33,331

A table showing the number of men furnished to the arms by each State during the war was made public today by the War Department.

New York led with 367,864 and Nevada stood last with 5,105 in the total of 3,757,624 men obtained by draft, voluntary enlistment, or through the National Guard.

Men actually furnished ran very closely, the table shows, to the obligation of the States making their quotas proportionate to their populations.

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