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Raise Your Own Hogs in 1919 Rather Than Buying Western Pork, 1919

From the Wilson Times, Feb. 25, 1919

More Hogs for Wilson County in 1919

By B.T. Ferguson, County Agent

As has so often been said, no system of agriculture is safe without the presence of livestock to go along with it. And truly no branch of livestock could be made more profitable for this section that that of hogs. With the proper rotation of pastures that can so easily be had in this county I see no reason why we should not make the business a paying one. With rye, rape, potatoes, peanuts, soybeans and many permanent pasture grasses that we can use to advantage, there is no reason or excuse for Wilson County having to buy a pound of Western meat. We are asked to increase our output again this near not less than 10 per cent and I hope that the farmers of this county will respond to this call.

Aside from having proper pastures the year ‘round, the health of the animal is very important. He should have a warm, dry bed in winter, and one as free from dry dust as possible in summer. You will find the following to be worth while if kept in a box where the hogs can get to it at will: Salt one pound, Sulphur one pound, lime one pound, copperas ½ pound, and wood ashes one peck.

Another very important matter is to safeguard the hog against cholera. This is easily done by the use of serum which costs very little, and which is an absolute preventative against the dreaded disease, if used before the hog gets sick, but it will not cure the disease. Hog cholera is usually more prevalent during the spring months, therefore I would advise that the farmers keep this in mind and have their hogs treated in case there should be an outbreak in the community at that time. I will be glad to administer the serum at any time. For further information, call me.

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