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6th Company Boys Return to Hendersonville and News of Other Local Soldiers, March 27, 1919

From the French Broad Hustler, Hendersonville, N.C., Thursday, March 27, 1919.

6th Company Boys Return

The former members of the 6th Co., National Guard, who belonged to the 7th and 8th Anti-Aircraft Batteries, were discharged at Camp Lee, Va., March 24th, and have reached Hendersonville the names of the 7th Battery are:

1st Sergeant Herschel H. Allison
Mess Sergeant Allen W. Hawkins

Mess Sergeant William M. Pender
Mess Sergeant Ernest E. Russell

Corporal Chester R. Glenn
Corporal Guy P. Jordan

Corporal Albert V. Edwards
Corporal Lawrence L. Burgin

Mechanic William J. Reese
Wagoner John J. Henderson

Wagoner Grover L. Shipman
Cook Frank M. Huggins

Private 1st Class

Frank M. Bly
Daniel B. Huggins

William H. Ladson
Ezekiel W. McCall

Paul J. Johnson
J. Manning Morris

8th Battery

Sergeant Roy S. Marr
Corporal Emmett Lott
Private 1st Class Horace H. Case

All these were stationed at Fort Caswell for training and left the states for France June 10, 1918, and landed at Brest, France, June 19, 1918. They were stationed at Fort De Stains near Paris for training with the French Anti-Aircraft defenses. They went to the front on August 25, 1918, and served with the 7th French Army and the First American Army until the armistice was signed.

February 23, 1919, they sailed on the U.S.S. ‘Mongolia’ from St. Nazaire, France, and landed at Hoboken, N.J., on March 7, and were sent to Camp Merritt, N.J. From there they went to Camp Lee, Va.

These batteries wee on the front and none were injured. On the return voyage a large number were sea sick. The Red Cross, Y.M.C.A., and other organizations were exceedingly kind and helpful at all times. Too much can not be said about the good they are doing.
W.A. Smith received a wire from his son, First Lieutenant Walter B. Smith, that he landed on Tuesday at Hoboken, N.J. He is in charge of a detachment for Chattanooga, Tenn., and will spend his 10 day’s furlough at home soon.
Will Twyford is on the transport which expects to land in Charleston, S.C., on Saturday. He sent his sister, Septima, a pair of wooden shoes from northern France which may be seen in the window of the book store.
Pvt. Luther Brookshire, who has been in service overseas, came home Tuesday.
Sergeant Will Smith has received his discharge from service and is at home.
N.A. Gilbert from Saluda has been here with friends. He has been given his discharge from service in the navy.
Sgts. Merle S. Johnston and Frank Bradbvurn and Frank Davis who left with the National Guard last September, landed in Liverpool, England, and were located nearly all the time at Angers, France. They arrived in the United States March 7 and have come home with their honorable discharges.
C.S. Henderson of the U.S.S. ‘Hatteras’ is spending his furlough here with relatives. He was with him C.D. Hawkins of the U.S.S. ‘Hatteras’.
I.H. Case and Pvt. Henry Crook, who have been overseas with the C.A.C.’s, have returned to Horse Shoe. Mr. Case did his bit as a bugler.
Corporal Alexander Hollingsworth has returned to the Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, D.C., from which place he hopes to be discharged soon. He was recently awarded the distinguished service cross for extraordinary heroism in action.
Corporal Rufus Peace is spending an eight day furlough with his wife and relatives in Flat Rock.

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