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Buying and Selling Property in Pinehurst, March 15, 1919

From the Pinehurst Outlook, March 15, 1919

Real Estate Developments

With the signing of the armistice activity in real estate developments in Pinehurst was resumed with a bound.

When the season of 1917-18 ended every available house was rented, but as war activities increased one after another of the prospective tenants became engaged in the great work and by August fully half had found themselves engulfed in the maelstrom and obliged to cancel their leases. But with the cessation of inquiries and in an incredibly short time every house was rented, notwithstanding the fact that many property owners had been forced by circumstances to spend the winter at home or in other places where they were engaged in war work and therefore offered their Pinehurst homes for rent.

During the summer eight new houses, which had been begun before the ban was placed on building operations were completed, but in spite of the substantial increase in rental the supply has proved woefully inadequate and even new requests for household accommodations are being received at the rate of from three to five a day.

Already many new houses are being planned and the indications are that the coming summer will surpass all previous ones in building operations.

Mr. George Statzell of Drexel Hill, Pa., has recently broken ground on the lot he recently bought from Mr. R.B. Overbaugh, near “Fernleigh” the residence of Mr. H.S. Houston, and will build a most attractive and substantial bungalow.

Mrs. T.T. Watson is building a cottage on her lot on Carolina Vista near the Pine Grove, to be followed in the near future by a larger house on the same lot. The cottage in process of construction is a veritable multum in parvo and its harmonious design and graceful lines elicit much favorable comment.

The Pinehurst Plateau Company, of which Mr. Jas. Barber is the principal owner and leading spirit, has a community garage in process on its plot near the home of Mr. T.L. Redfield.

Near the depot Mr. Tufts is building an additional warehouse for the storage of hardware, building materials and accessories. Two years ago a new department was established in a warehouse erected for the purpose adjoining the freight house of the Norfolk-Southern Railroad Company and Mr. Harrison Stutts, formerly in the hardware business in Southern Pines, was placed in charge. Under his management the business has grown until the old quarters have become inadequate and the new warehouse is necessary.

Among sales recently made perhaps the most important is that of the Beech cottage by Mr. Donald Ross to Mrs. John D. Chapman. Mr. and Mrs. Chapman have a beautiful home in Greenwich, Conn., and are too well known to require an introduction here. They have been occupying the Albemarle purchased last year by Mr. Jas. Barber from Mr. W.H. Thurston. Mrs. Chapman plans extension renovations and the work will be begun next month.

Mr. Ross has bought the Hawthorne, formerly owned by the Misses Barrett. He, too, will make extensive changes, and will occupy the house with his family next season.

Mrs. Francis Keating has purchased the lot adjoining her property opposite the Berkshire where she expects to erect a commodious colonial residence.

Dr. G.L.S. Jameson, St. Davids, Pa., has sold his lot opposite the residence of Mr. M.B. Johnson to Messrs. J.W. and R.H. Watson.

Mr. H. Bradford Lewis of Andover, Mass., has recently bought a beautiful lot near the Morganton, where he will build this summer.

Another recent sale that will mean much to the village is that of the Palmetto, an old apartment house on the eastern edge of the town below the Holly Inn.

The architect is already at work on plans for this, and it is hoped that the remodeling of the structure will be completed before the beginning of the next season.

This company has also bought the Ivy next to the Lenoir, which was completed last summer. It is also planned to reconstruct this for next winter.

Mr. W.B. Merrill has bought a lot adjoining his property formerly owned by Mr. Geo. W. Statzell.

Mr. Geo. T. Dunlap becomes the owner of the lot opposite Mr. N.B. Hersloff’s on Linden Road, and Mr. James Barber has bought the lot opposite his new residence, near the Community Garage. He is constructing a tennis court here and is otherwise greatly improving the property.

A syndicate comprising 13 Pinehurst property owners has taken over the Clyde Davis house and it is occupied as a school.

These are among the more important recent transactions but there have been several others, which will be treated in a subsequent letter.

--A.S. Newcomb, Realtor

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