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General News Items, Watauga Democrat, March 20, 1919

From the Watagua Democrat, Boone, N.C., March 20, 1919

General News Items

Capt. Erskine E. Boyce of Gastonia and officer of the 113th field artillery, has been awarded the distinguished service cross for bravery on the battle fields of France.

Traffic to Shulls Mills, Boone, and other points along the line has been entirely cut off since Wednesday morning of last week when a tremendous slide of rock entirely filled a big cut near the Grandfather Gap. The Railroad Co. put a large force of hands to work at once, and by working almost night and day the track was practically cleared by Sunday evening, but during the heavy rain at night, another slide came in, but not so heavy as the first, and on Tuesday evening freight and passenger traffic was moving undisturbed.

A car load of whiskey was recently captured in Durham. It was billed as hay and consigned to an eastern North Carolina town from Baltimore. The car contained 480 quarts of whiskey and 10 tons of hay.

The United States Employment Service will be reduced by 80 per cent on March 22nd and the number of unemployment offices will be changed from 750 to 56. This step was made necessary because Congress failed to provide funds to continue the work.

The power dam of the Southern Power Co. on Linville river in Burke County burst last Thursday, and a hole 200 feet long and 40 feet deep washed out. The new power house below the dam was overflowed, and the machinery in the first floor is thought to be greatly damaged. No damage was done by the water in the valley below.

The government of India reports that deaths from influenza during the year of 1918 totaled 5 million.
The frontier between German-Austria and Czecho-Slovakia was reopened Sunday, the 9th, and trains are again crossing the frontier.

Camp Greene was not turned over to the owners of the camp site on March 15 as was formerly indicated. It will be some time before all the troops are removed.

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