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Joe Nash Seeing Beautiful France, March 28, 1919

From The Franklin Times, Louisburg, N.C., March 28, 1919

Letter From France

Dinard, France
March 6, 1919
My dear Sam:

We are at last seeing some of the beautiful parts of France. We are stopping in St. Mals on a weeks leave. Blair, Fess, Leroy and I are all together. I am now in Dinard, a very swell summer resort across the river from St. Maleo. This is whee the wealthy French have their summer homes. I have never seen a more beautiful place in all my life, as Mary Wilson said once when she was in Wilson. I am having so much fun their ain’t no name for it.

We have no expense except what we make. We are at a swell hotel, Chateaubriand, right on the water front. Blair and I are rooming together and have a bed each. We had an awful time trying to go to sleep the first night. We hadn’t slept between sheets in so long we considered taking our cover and sleeping on the floor. Another joke on us. 

We had heard that these people believed in light breakfast but didn’t realize it ‘till the first morn here. We went in and sat down for breakfast and noticed there was coffee, butter, and bread already there so we sat and waited and waited for breakfast and finally I told the waitress to hurry with breakfast and she laughed and said that’s all the breakfast we serve.

The most historic place we have visited so far is Mont St. Miehel. The Y.M.C.A. took us there on an excursion Tuesday. There is so much history attached to all these places I dare not try to tell you ‘till I see you. I am at present sitting in the writing room of the High Life Casino that Harry K. Thaw met his wife, he also won and lost this place in one night. I am enclosing a post card picture of same.

We have seen quite a number of towns and cities since leaving Brest. We have danced every day and night since being here. We are waiting now for a 35-piece band to play for a dance at 2:30. Night before last we had a swell concert by Miss Rita Goould of New York. She said she was the black sheep of the Gould family of N.Y. After the concert she attended our dance and I had the pleasure of drinking a hot chocolate with her. I have met a bunch of nice French girls here. They are allowed to attend the dances and they all come. We have met girls from Great Britain, England and Russia. Most of them speak very good English.

I can sit here and see St. Malo, Dinard, St. Servan and Poranne, all are very good sized towns. I can also watch the French promenade and see the tide go out. Two soldiers are trying the surf but I think it rather cool yet.

I’ll write you all about my trip when I get back to Brest. Hope you are all well. Blair has just come for me to go with them to some place.

Love from us all,
Joe Nash

High Life Casino, Dinard, France. This isn't the postcard Joe Nash sent. 
The newspaper had no photo with the article.

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