Tuesday, March 19, 2019

N.C. Soldiers Cheered as They Land in New York, Newport News; March 19, 1919, Rainbow Division Coming Later This Month

From The Daily Times, Wilson, N.C., March 19, 1919

The 113th Is Now On Land. . . Left the Transport at 9 This Morning and Marched Through the Streets Amid Cheers of Thousands of Friends and Relatives

Newport News, March 19—After lying at the dock here all night with an important cargo of humanity aboard eager and fretting to step ashore after being away from home for quite awhile, the Santa Teresa, which arrived here last night, this morning debarked the 113th Field artillery of the 30th or Old Hickory Division, which, after many triumphs in France has made a proud name for itself. The 113th, which is composed mainly of North Carolina troops, came assure at 9 o’clock this morning and accompanied by several dock officials marched through the streets of the city and then proceeded to Camp Stewart. Along the line of march they were greeted by thunderous cheers of friends and relatives who came to greet them as soon as they set foot on the shores they loved so well.

North Carolinians Aboard the Charleston

New York, March 19—Aboard the cruiser Charleston, which docked here today, were included the casual company number 965 North Carolinians. The Charleston transported 1271 men.

The Rainbow Division And the 26th New England National Guard Will Sail from Brest Between March 28th and April 19th

Washington, March 19—The 42nd Rainbow Division and the 26th New England National Guard will sail from Brest between March 28 and April 19th, the war department was informed today by General Pershing. The rainbow division will land in New York and the New England troops in Boston.

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