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If We Don't Help Rebuilt Tanning Company, Another Community Will, 1919

From the Brevard News, March 7, 1919

From the editorial page of the Brevard News, March 7, 1919; M.L. Shipman, Editor; C.B. Osborne, Managing Editor and Publisher; and Gertrude R. Zachary, City Editor.

The Tannery

In this issue of the News we publish the resolution in regard to the Transylvania Tanning Co., which was unanimously passed by the Brevard Club at its meeting on Tuesday evening.

This organization has with characteristic loyalty to the interest of the county taken the lead in this matter. And now the time has come for the people of Transylvania to decide as to whether or not they will devote their efforts to the progressive development of the county.

The question is now squarely before the people individually and collectively. The Transylvania Tanning Co. cannot be expected to rebuild the plant recently destroyed by fire without assurance of the support of the people.

The company has received offers of building sites and through support from many other towns that know a good thing when they see it.

Through the efforts of J.S. Silversteen the board of directors of the company has been persuaded to delay their final decision a few days longer.

To all thinking citizens, the loss of this enterprise looms up as the greatest industrial calamity imaginable, yet a loss insignificant compared to giving up a resident who is a remarkably vivid expression of the highest ideals of American citizenship—Joseph S. Silversteen.

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