Monday, March 18, 2019

Mark Skinner Fined for Winking at a Lady; Lemon Barns for Carrying Concealed Weapons, 1919

From The Daily Times, Wilson, N.C., March 17, 1919. I didn’t know winking at a lady was illegal in 1919. That $4.25 in today’s money is $51. And Lemon Barnes’ $64.25 fine for carrying concealed weapons is $771 in today’s dollars. And the $4.25 for threats was an additional $51.

Mayor’s Court

Walter Brice was charged $9.25 for speeding auto.

Coot Robbins was charged $1 for leaving his horse unblocked.

Jim Daniel was charged $1 for leaving his horse unblocked.

Mark Skinner was charged $4.25 for winking at a lady. Skinner denied the charge, stating that he was standing talking to a soldier about his uniform, but at any rate the mayor fined him $4.25.

Lemon Barnes was charged $64.25 for carrying concealed weapons. He walked into the home of Mary Barnes and threatened her with death, but the woman testified that while she was scared of him at that time and ran from him, she was not now. The police searched him and found a razor and a pistol and so with these instruments of death he is in trouble. He was also charged $4.25 for his threats.

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