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Jones Writes Home From France, Published in Daily Times, March 21, 1919

B.S. Jones didn't send this postcard showing the Hotel Mirabeau in Aix Les Baines. I don't know if he ever got his pass so that he could visited it, but he mentioned it in this letter and many other soldiers have mentioned visiting, so I thought I'd put in the postcard.

From The Daily Times, Wilson, N.C., March 21, 1919

Letter to His Brother

Brion Sur. Owice, France
January 6, 1919
Dear Brother:

Will write you to let you hear from me. Am well except a cold, for course I will keep that as long as I am in France, I guess. Hope this will find you all well. I heard that there was lots of influenza over there now. I just received a letter from Emma and she said that she had it but is better now. She also said that lots of people had died with it. Certainly hope it is stopped by now and will not break out again.

Frank, I am in hopes of getting a pass over here. Some of the boys have just gotten back from a trip to Aix Les Bains. I hope that I can go there. It is well in the mountains. It is also one of the places that tourists from all over the world go to see; from the tops of the mountains you can see Italy and Switzerland.

Well, I hope that I can soon be on the way home but I cannot tell yet how long it will be, but hope it is not long.

I have not seen Paul Gardner since we crossed over here, would be glad to see him. I see Frank Pittman and Lonnie Taylor almost every day now.

Well, there is no more news to write, so I will close, hoping to hear from you soon. Love to all. I am, as ever,

Your brother,
B.S. Jones
Hdq. Co. 324 Inf. A.P.O. 791, A.E.F., France

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