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Bank To Provide Pigs to Pig Club Members, March 25, 1919

From The Commonwealth, Scotland Neck, N.C., March 25, 1919

Boys and Girls Interested in Pig Club

The following boys and girls have joined the pig club and should get their parents to notify the county agent right away if they wish the bank to help them get a pure bred pig to start with. The pigs should be ordered as soon as possible now, so do not wait.

George and William Allsbrook
Robert Pope

Milton Joyner
Dennis and Donald Holliday

William Sears
Theodore House

Herman Perry
Frank Weathersbee

Howard Parker
Mary Wommack

Eugene Keel
Leola Pearson

Thurman Madry
Alton Whitehurst
Clyde Staton

The Scotland Neck Banks has offered to help these boys and girls get a pure bred pig providing that their parents will assist them in the work and let them accept a pig from the bank, paying for it by giving the bank back two pure bred pigs for the one. Pure bred Duroc pigs will be used by the club. The pigs given back to the bank for the one they let out will be used to help other boys and girls get a start in the club work
--F.G. Tarbox, County Agent

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