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Missing 16-Year-Old Returned to Her Hickory Home, March 8, 1919

From the Hickory Daily Record, March 8, 1919

Miss Edwards Is Returned Home

Miss Edna Edwards has returned to her mother, Mrs. J.M. Edwards, Hickory Route 4, late last night by Mr. George R. Wootten, after Chief of Police Lentz had with Mr. Wootten brought her from Salisbury on No. 35. Since leaving here five weeks ago last Tuesday she had been in Salisbury, where she was employed in the Kress 5 and 10 Cent Store. Chief of Police Steele of Salisbury, who located the missing girl, will receive a reward of $100 offered by Hickory citizens and will put in a claim for the $50 offered by the county board of commissioners.

On leaving here on No. 12 over five weeks ago, Miss Edwards went to Spencer, where she spent the night and ran over to Salisbury and obtained a position in the Kress store. She said she saw a number of Hickory people she knew, but hid until they had passed.

The Salisbury chief located the girl by a picture which Mr. Wootten, who was in Charlotte yesterday, left with him Thursday night.

Hickory people had become intensely interested in her case and several citizens offered a reward of $100 for her return home. The county commissioners offered a reward of $50, provided she had met with foul play. The Salisbury chief, however, was not advised of this provision and he informed Mr. Lentz that he would collect the $50 if the county was worth it.

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