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Be Aware of Contagious Diseases, Put in Cheap, Efficient Sanitary Privy, March 28 1919

From the Franklin Times, Louisburg, N.C., March 28, 1919

Health Department Report

By Dr. J.E. Malone, Health Officer

We have supplied all teachers in the county with large placards furnished by the State Board of Health. This placard is a “Guide for Teachers, Contagious diseases among school children.” This card gives the names of all contagious or communicable diseases. With this card placed in a conspicuous position in the school, the teachers and pupils can readily see and know what the Health Department expects them to do. These teachers are supplied with report cards and all the literature necessary to carry out the Law.

Now the next most important thing to do, at all the public schools, is to put in Sanitary Privies, and this is why I have requested the Chairman of all the School committees to call at my office and let me tell them how they can put in cheap and efficient sanitary privies. We would like very much to have these sanitary privies in every home, at every country church and country store. A committee is coming around to inspect the sanitary conditions of all the homes. Look out and clean up. The Health officer is not doing this for spite or any unpleasant feeling, but for your good health.

In a few days we will be ready to begin vaccinating against Typhoid Fever.

Let all work together for the public health and make a record this year.

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