Saturday, March 30, 2019

Festus Reinhart, Slave Taken By British Soldiers in 1780, Returned to HIs Master by Adam Reep

From the Hickory Daily Record, March 29, 1919

Festus Reinhardt

Christian Reinhardt was one of the first settlers of Lincoln county and lived near the base of the rising battle ground on which he fought the battle of Ramsour’s Mill on June 20, 1780. He carried on a tan yard on his farm. He owned a valuable servant who went by the name of Festus. This valuable servant spent the most of his time in making good sole and upper leather for the surrounding country. This servant was greatly attached to his master, who was kind to him. Lord Cornwallis spent a few days with his army on the battle ground. Some of the British solders forced Festus very much against his will to go with them when they left the battle ground.

Adam Reep was a noted Whig in the days of the Revolution. He with some other Whigs soon found out where the negro was and managed to recover him from the British camp. In a few days he was restored to his rightful owner.
--J.H. Shuford

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  1. Ive done a lot of research on this! I find the story fascinating! I wonder if theres any additional information out there to support it?